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Why TK8 Sports

Passion for Sports & Child Development

As educators ourselves we want to see enriched after-school programs.  We have an holistic approach to sports that can cater to the diverse interests and abilities of all students 

Community Engagement

We saw the opportunity to work within our local community partnering with schools who share a common interest in their students growth and development.  Our aim is to create a positive, encouraging space where children can have fun and thrive (our neighborhood days!)

Quality & Customization

We understand that just as every student is unique so is every school.  We strive to offer high - quality, customized sports programs that cater to various age groups and skill levels.  Our goal is to ensure that every child, from TK to 8th grade, can find an activity they love and excel in

Positive Role Models

Our coaches and staff are not only skilled in their respective sports but also serve as positive role models.  They are dedicated to nurturing each child’s potential and fostering a love for healthy habits  

This is our way of creating the opportunities we desire in our communities!
What We Do

What We Do

At TK8 Sports, we are dedicated to enriching our local community through a variety of impactful initiatives.

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